Trade Facilitation

In addition to matching buyers and sellers, IPS provides a number of other benefits in the sales and procurement process.

Logistics: We have the knowledge and contacts necessary to smoothly coordinate the flow of goods across geographic and political borders. Whether the mode is air, truck, rail, or marine, IPS can facilitate the physical goods movement, document preparation, customs, payment and other details of the transaction.

Project Definition and Strategy: Project managers with large projects, complex specifications and multiple delivery times depend upon IPS to help them manage their workload in sourcing and bidding appropriate vendors. Overseas vendors looking to promote their best face to North American buyers depend on us for timely information, contacts and assistance in representation. In any event, IPS principals, employees and affiliates are happy to provide assistance.

Project Management: If you're looking for help in managing procurement and logistics for the whole project or just one part, IPS Services has experience in all parts of the procurement cycle and can help in whatever phase your company might need assistance.

Financing: Using the resources from our parent and affiliate companies, IPS can deliver the short-term and project-term financing for our clients as needed.

Information: What are the growth opportunities vs. risk in certain countries you may be considering for future business opportunites? What is the best way to negotiate with their businessmen and government representatives? How will fluctuating exchange rates affect the sales price and commercial aspects of your delivery? Ask us questions like this and you'll get a wealth of trade, cultural and industry information from us to plan your next move.

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